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A Balanced Funeral Arrangement

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A Balanced Funeral Arrangement

The arrangement conference is your primary opportunity to make a connection with your family and help them create a truly special memorial. However, for a number of reasons, it can be difficult for a funeral director to establish trust during such a short period of time. Families often mistrust funeral directors because of negative media hype. Sometimes funeral directors get so wrapped up in products, services and logistics that they forget to find out what is truly important to the family.

Lifetimes, the cornerstone of Aurora's professional development program, offers a simple and practical process for uncovering what a family truly needs early in the arrangement process. The simple strategies outlined in the course allow you to help your families see how all aspects of the funeral process work together to create real meaning. Families need to feel confident that you can provide what they need in order to open up and honestly share their desires and expectations with you, and Lifetimes was developed with this goal in mind.

6 CEU's available in most states.  Approved by The Academy.


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